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Title TBD By Annie Krabbenschmidt

In her debut collection of essays, Annie Krabbenschmidt follows her self-loathing down a rabbit hole of sexual condemnation before thinking to herself, “Hey, it’s kinda cold and dark and lonely down here.”

And yet, Annie's is a book that ultimately seeks the light - the warmth of friends, the hope for self-assurance, the comedy that is tragedy in retrospect, and the belief that this world is ultimately filled with goodness. With the precision of an arthroscopic knife and the bluntness of a wooden spoon, Annie exacts her revenge on the Greek chorus of the patriarchy and finds solace through coming to embrace the very romantic orientation that had so plagued her past - and the past of so many LGBTQ folks struggling to find security in a world that's only beginning to embrace the truth about human sexuality.

Release Date TBD. Stay tuned for more information.