David Hollander Commits a Tweet

Rabbits and Writers, there’s no getting around it… Social Media is key to connecting and promoting our work in the twenty-first century. Whether you write fiction, poetry, scripts, nonfiction or all of the above, social media can help boost your audience. It opens avenues between readers, writers, and their work, wherever it’s published. Even if you haven’t finished your work-in-progress yet, the earlier you start to build your profile, the bigger your audience will be by the time your work is ready.

Which is exactly what I told author David Hollander, whose novel Anthropica will be the second release under the Dead Rabbits imprint.

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But first, just who is David?

How do you describe a human that wants desperately to be a robot writing about a robot wanting desperately to be a human? A writer who sets the gold standard for sentences? The best goddamn teacher any former middling MFAer like myself could hope for? I guess I just did. David has won awards, written heartbreaking and hilarious prose throughout his career, and served a tsunami of students over 18 years at Sarah Lawrence College.

All of which is to say that if you don’t know DJ Hollander’s (what’s the J stand for? Idk probably Jazzy or Justice or Juggalo, but certainly not anything as boring as ‘John’) writing, then you haven’t lived — or questioned whether you are in fact living.

While David could easily be described as one of the world’s greatest living postmodern writers, it’s no real surprise that he isn’t well-known. Aside from the modern publishing machine’s failure to recognize nuanced or niche fiction as a viable product, David has also not exactly made himself available in the digital age. So when he signed up to publish his latest novel with Dead Rabbits (huzzah!), the first thing I did was help build him a website. However, this website isn’t a boring old amalgamation of landing pages — “here are my publications, follow my newsletter, here are all the places I’m reading this Wednesday”. No, I knew going into it that we’d have to capture the flavor of David’s writing. I won’t give it all away. Take a spin through his brain and check out the site for yourself.

I also talked David into expanding his social media reach beyond Facebook (gah, I mean ‘Cavebook’ amiright??? That’s what the kids call it now, yah?). But it’s important to note that we at Dead Rabbits aren’t interested in merely releasing our writers into social media’s absurd wilderness, or asking them to retweet writing-related posts that float untethered to any digital efficacy. For David, I knew that, whatever platform we chose, we’d have to create something subversive and hilarious to really flex David’s weird and amazing talents.

Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 4.46.33 PM.png

So, Ladies, Rabbits, and Robots, I’m proud to introduce you to Fexo.

Though debuting here on our blog, Fexo came to be and plays a starring role in David’s forthcoming novel, Anthropica. Fexo is a robothuman who desperately wants to be a humanis very much a human.

The exciting news: Fexo has his own Twitter account, in which he tweets very human thoughts and emotions to his human friends. Follow him @TheFexo for some entertaining updates as he navigates his very conscious world.

Social media doesn’t have to be a serious, scary thing that’s all about outputting content. Sometimes, all it takes is a silly robot on the internet to help promote your work. It doesn't happen all by itself. You've got to go put the work in, and it takes time. But if you stick with it, regularly post, update, and engage, you'll find your following.

In the meantime, you can read an excerpt from Anthopica up at The Boiler Journal. Hoppy Monday!