Warren Stories: I.L. Green  

Our Warren Stories series aims to highlights writers, readers, and artists within our community. Here, we’ll share their work, artistry, and personal stories in our attempt to uplift every member of our community and make their voices heard. Have a story you’d like to tell? Contact us today!

Today’s story comes from writer I.L. Green in Illinois. I.L. reached out to us in early January 2019 with a fascinating story of the emotional process of writing their first novel, Redemption Story out from Czykmate Books. As a trained and certified mental illness recovery specialist in the state of Illinois and a person who suffers mental illness symptoms, I.L. has found a release of sorts in their writing. While writing for them is fun and adventurous, they still manage to include some of what they’ve learned and experienced over the years recovering from Borderline Personality Disorder that triggered their depression and anxiety.

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