Publishing books that matter in ways that matter.

Myriah Harrison

Myriah Harrison

Wow, Dead Rabbits. Really? Books that matter? In ways that matter? Doesn't every publishing house want or claim to acquire books that matter? Sure, but we aren't just paying lip-service to a vague notion of literary integrity. We acquire books for the express purpose of investing in them. We do not abandon our authors after publishing, opting instead to cultivate and grow the lifespan of a book and its author's career. Inherent to this process is a more sustainable method of distilling our list down to what really matters to us.

Publishing books that matter... Books that matter take risks, find joy in the process, and above all else exhibit quality. We release books we are proud of, which are: books that tackle difficult issues and manifest real ways of thinking and feeling; books that are critical and thoughtful, while also playful and engaging; and, most importantly, books that remember who they're written for — the reader. We publish books that deepen the literary arts while remaining accessible to wider audiences.

...in ways that matter: If what makes a book matter is reflected in its process—one defined by risk and pleasure—then publishing should be no different. Our goal is to deliver books that inspire us, to the widest audience possible. We’ve spent five years building a network of connections in the literary community. Put simply, we know readers. But we also have broad experience in marketing and distribution, which means we know how to reach readers. Every book creates its own challenges and opportunities, so our methods are adaptive and collaborative. Our transparent publishing model aims to serve each of our writers in a way that creates a uniquely joyful experience and provides the best possible outcome for every book that displays the Dead Rabbits imprint.