Emerald City By Brian Birnbaum

Set in Seattle, Emerald City follows Benison Behrenreich, the hearing son of Deaf royalty. His father, CEO of a multimillion-dollar Deaf access agency, has bribed Myriadal College officials for Benison’s spot on their powerhouse basketball team, where he struggles to prove himself and compensate for his father’s sins.

Julia Paolantonio has recently lost her father to a drug relapse. Her mother ships her off to live with her estranged granddad, Johnny Raciti, during the summer before her freshman year at Myriadal. Johnny offers her a deal: bring him Peter Fosch – tormented college dropout and the best drug runner west of the Cascades – and he’ll give Julia’s freshly widowed mother a board seat on his mobbed-up securities firm.

When Benison’s father is arrested for defrauding government subsidies for the Deaf, the Behrenreichs are left vulnerable to his company’s ruthless backers – namely Johnny Raciti – forcing Julia and Peter to navigate the minefield left in the aftermath. 

The paperback and e-book are available on Amazon.

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Anthropica By David Hollander

A Hungarian fatalist convinced that the human race is a blemish on God’s otherwise beautiful universe; a statistician who has determined that we completely exhaust the earth’s resources every 30 days; a failing novelist whose nihilistic fiction has doomed her halfhearted quest for tenure; an Ultimate Frisbee-playing man-child who has discovered a fractal pattern contained within all matter, but is nevertheless obsessed with the chase for a National Championship; a race of subterranean mole people developing a sad and dangerous religion; a factory filled with human heads being mined for information; a former philosophy professor with ALS who has discovered, as he becomes “locked in,” that he can make things happen simply by wanting them badly enough; and a trio of vengeful, superintelligent robots secretly imprisoned in an underground hangar in Iksan, South Korea, patiently waiting for some gullible human(s) to release them. (Well, one of the robots is happy enough viewing outdated network television sitcoms and internet pornography.)

This is a partial cast of Anthropica, a novel that puts Laszlow Katasztrófa’s beautiful vision of a universe without us to the test. Because even if Laszlow believes that he is merely an agent of fate, a cog in God’s inscrutable machine, he’s nevertheless the one driving this crazy machine. And once he has his team assembled, it turns out that he might—against all odds and his own expectations—actually have the tools to see his apocalyptic plan to fruition.    

Coming soon in Spring 2020, Anthropica will be the second title launched from Dead Rabbits. Stay tuned for more information.

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Title TBD By Annie Krabbenschmidt

In her debut collection of essays, Annie Krabbenschmidt follows her self-loathing down a rabbit hole of sexual condemnation before thinking to herself, “Hey, it’s kinda cold and dark and lonely down here.”

And yet, Annie's is a book that ultimately seeks the light - the warmth of friends, the hope for self-assurance, the comedy that is tragedy in retrospect, and the belief that this world is ultimately filled with goodness. With the precision of an arthroscopic knife and the bluntness of a wooden spoon, Annie exacts her revenge on the Greek chorus of the patriarchy and finds solace through coming to embrace the very romantic orientation that had so plagued her past - and the past of so many LGBTQ folks struggling to find security in a world that's only beginning to embrace the truth about human sexuality.

Release Date TBD. Stay tuned for more information.

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Sunny By M.K. Rainey

At the turn of the millennium, 15-year-old Sunny finds herself the head of the household when her mother disappears from rehab and her co-dependent father is too wrapped up in finding her to properly attend to his kids. Burying her anger and resentment, Sunny struggles to balance her new familial duties with the wants of a reckless high schooler, all the while navigating the pitfalls of her spectral sexuality in the American South. However, when her mother returns, her patented histrionics lend immediate turmoil to Sunny's life. Sunny is cast aside and, by product of her futility, succumbs to the same cocktail of drugs and alcohol as her mother, including an insidious new narcotic hitting the streets of downtown Little Rock. Sunny, too smart for her own good and thirsty for information, embarks on a dangerous path to find the truth about her mother, drawing her into the city's corrupted underbelly of rehab centers and drug gangs.

Release Date TBD. Stay tuned for more information.