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Sunny By M.K. Rainey

At the turn of the millennium, 15-year-old Sunny finds herself the head of the household when her mother disappears from rehab and her co-dependent father is too wrapped up in finding her to properly attend to his kids. Burying her anger and resentment, Sunny struggles to balance her new familial duties with the wants of a reckless high schooler, all the while navigating the pitfalls of her spectral sexuality in the American South. However, when her mother returns, her patented histrionics lend immediate turmoil to Sunny's life. Sunny is cast aside and, by product of her futility, succumbs to the same cocktail of drugs and alcohol as her mother, including an insidious new narcotic hitting the streets of downtown Little Rock. Sunny, too smart for her own good and thirsty for information, embarks on a dangerous path to find the truth about her mother, drawing her into the city's corrupted underbelly of rehab centers and drug gangs.

Release Date TBD. Stay tuned for more information.